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26 & 27 October 2022 | IFEMA, Madrid

Bandall Iberica & Deal II

About us

Bandall Ibérica offers technical solutions of fajado – enfajado for the productive processes in food, E-commer, industrial and horticultural. Focused on the improvement of the image of the products, cost savings, reduction of the ecological impact of the products and the continuous improvement of the processes.
For them we have the following services. Exhibition, packaging consumables, rentals and technical service
In Iberian Bandall we offer you the concept of Branding by Banding, it is a concept of Bandall and Max Aarts. They have one objective: to get the most out of the packaging of their products by adding value to the façade – angry with the following advantages:

– More space for product information and labeling while the article remains perfectly visible.
– Added value of distinction in the linear or shelves of the supermarket.
– Tamperproof packaging.
– Cost savings on all sides.
– High reliability technique.
– Much more aesthetic than self-adhesive labels.
– Ideal for white marks.
– Ecological and sustainable packaging.

Highlights products

Branding by Banding – Markem

Branding by Banding with Novex Printer Te presentamos Branding by Banding, una solución de Bandall que favorece la presentación y la unión de los productos de manera innovadora, sorprendente y muy eficaz. En el vídeo podrás ver varios ejemplos de la agrupación de productos, impresión y colocación de la banda en un solo paso. Deal II y Bandall forman Bandall Ibérica: ¡No dudes en solicitarnos más información sobre nuestras soluciones de fajado! ◁ Si quieres descubrir más sobre nuestras soluciones de embalaje, te animamos a visitar nuestra web: 📲 O directamente solicitar una consultoría con uno de nuestros expertos aquí 👉 Te dejamos también nuestras redes sociales: ≫ LinkedIn:… ≫ Facebook: ≫ Twitter:

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