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Cyklop Strapesa SAU is part of the Cyklop International Group, a global producer and supplier of packaging systems and materials. Backed by our wrapping, strapping, sealing, bundling and coding products, together with our expertise, we offer our customers the optimal solutions for securing loads during internal and external export, where the emphasis is on safe and quiet transportation of goods. We offer tailor-made solutions for the market: portable tools, machines and systems, specially designed consumables, professional advice, project engineering and exceptional technical service. We are manufacturers of PP and PET straps, as well.

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Gummed paper moistening machine Lapomatic-S

LAPOMATIC-S, gummed paper moistening machine. Gummed paper is the most ecological and safest solution for closing boxes during packaging. Composed of paper (100%) and glue (potato or corn starch), it is completely natural. After use, the entire box can be recycled with the paper. The glue of the gummed paper tape penetrates and seals the cardboard completely. Thus, gummed paper is also suitable for heavier packaging and special environments (extreme temperatures, dusty environments, etc.), as it is ultra-resistant and dust-proof. Another great advantage of paper tape is that it cannot be removed without damaging the box, making it tamper-proof. The gummed paper is activated by water. Therefore, you need a wetting machine for its application. The Lapomatic-S wetting machine is an electric gummed paper dispenser with a paper pre-cutting system. The pre-cutting system makes it possible to quickly open packages and cartons without the need for knives and scissors, which increases the efficiency of unpacking work. The Lapomatic-S is suitable for closing a large number of boxes with pre-cut gummed paper per day. The Lapomatic-S is reliable, quiet, easy to use and robust. Presettable tape length and repeat function. Long service life and low maintenance.

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