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29 & 30 November 2023, Hall 5 | IFEMA, Madrid


About us

Grafietic is a label company that was born more than 25 years ago with the intention of providing comprehensive solutions to all those companies that were demanding labeling and traceability solutions.

The rapid spread of new printing and data capture technologies, together with the advancement of RFID, revolutionized the entire market in a very short time and meant, in our case, the need to carry out a significant investment in technology, technical preparation and human teams in order to be able to offer a comprehensive service at all times capable of responding to the needs of our customers.

Thermal transfer through increasingly faster printers capable of offering better quality results in the manufacture of adhesive labels -among which TOSHIBA has been at the top of sales throughout Europe- has brought about a revolution in all aspects related to with label printing.

Bar readers, wireless capturing, “smart” labels and many other solutions are helping businesses grow.

At Grafietic we have been able to take on all these demands and, as a result, we have prepared our company by acquiring the best label printers on the market and keeping our workers up to date with new technologies. All this in order to always provide the best technical service to each and every one of our customers.

As a label factory, our enthusiasm for improving every day and our dedication in everything we do are the key to our success, the guarantee that day after day we can continue to provide services and products that meet your needs and expectations.

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