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Global solutions for Identification and Traceability
At Labelmarket we manufacture and market all those systems necessary for the correct identification, coding and traceability of your products. A high-tech company with constant investments in research and development, which has allowed us to become a benchmark in the automatic identification sector.
These achievements have been achieved from a unique market ethic in our profession, prioritizing respect for companies and people, and keeping our values intact: excellence in the provision of our services, innovation and continuous improvement of our products, commitment to our clients and their results, teamwork, job security and respect for the environment.

Highlights products

Labelit Platinum (La etiquetadora automática de Pales SERVO. La mas rápida del mercado)

Labelit Platinum (La etiquetadora automática de Pales SERVO. La mas rápida del mercado)

The Labelit Platinum Servo labeller is made up of a structure that supports the plate where the tractor system and the printer are located. On the base plate of the structure are the Cartesian axes with one axis that moves parallel to the production line, and that also moves the other axis, the label application axis. At the end of this The last axis is the cup, with three positions, for applied to the side, front and for applied to the back of the pallet. The label applied axis is driven by a servomotor, it has an ultrasonic photocell to determine the label applied distance. In the axis of displacement in the x axis also has a servomotor. The Labelit Platinum Servo robot has the possibility of carrying out several stops on the axis with a servomotor, by programming the stopping points. In this way we will have two fixed points, the front and the rear and those determined on the side. The ultrasonic photocell will determine the distance at which the pallet is located. This information will be transmitted to the servomotor and it will calculate the acceleration and deceleration ramps to achieve maximum speed. Depending on where the label is going to be applied, the bowl will be oriented automatically. When detecting the presence of pale, it searches for its loading position in the printer, both are printed. The distance of the pale is detected through ultrasound and the x axis comes out. At the same time, the bowl rotates. The y axis is moved to apply the label and once applied it is separated from the pallet.

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