The future of packaging technology

29 & 30 November 2023, Hall 5 | IFEMA, Madrid




The advanced 3E pallet is a result of a fusion between light nestable pallet design with a rigid structural low self-weight skid. The 3E Series offers superb rackcability (up to 700Kg) and 30%-40% efficiency increase in terms of transportation and storage.

The 3E RACK pallet series are available in 1200x800mm and 1200X1000mm dimensions/48*40 and 48*32inch in open or closed deck versions, i.e., three different pallets with the same skid type. All the pallets, combined with the 3E Rack skid allow up to 700Kg racking ability. They meet strict regulatory hygienic standards, are easy to handle (full 4-way forklift entry), suitable for conveyors/automated systems, water-resistant, and provide an excellent weight/performance ratio.
Our goal is to provide our customers the best performance at their lowest cost. The 3E series cater specifically to customers with layout/space challenges as well as the companies that wish to streamline and standardize their pallet fleet, essentially to all applications, where maximum cost saving is essential to maintaining healthy profit margins.
The skids are very easy to assemble and can be delivered separately or pre-assembled. This allows to use them in the assembled configuration for racking or conveyors and the nestable regular pallet for export deliveries.
The pallets are available in recycled or virgin plastic and are 100% recyclable at the end of their work cycle. Supporting the Circular Economy throughout the entire supply chain has been and remains one of Plasgad’s top priorities.

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