Z5000IVS Integrated Vision System
More and more companies need to verify the message after printing. The small character inkjet coder Z5000IVS integrates a vision system that verifies, in real time, the presence, readability and correctness of the printing, and rejects non-conforming products.
This is an advanced inkjet coding solution perfectly suitable for a particularly demanding market where quality, reliability and safety are essential elements.
Zanasi offers an integrated solution and a supplier in order to limit the production stoppages and to guarantee 100% product readability = the certification of perfect readability.
The inkjet marking system is equipped with a high performance software which allows to get detailed reports on the number and the types of occurring errors and to re-print the non-conforming products.
Perfect print quality identification
Integrated OCV (Optical Character Verification) high performance software
Multiple message accuracy: presence, readability, correctness
High speed verification for fixed and variable data
Complete images record
External alarm output and images storage for wrong print reject
Message statistical analysis

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