The future of packaging technology

26 & 27 October 2022 | IFEMA, Madrid

Innovation Tours

1-hour tours where you can see live product demonstrations of the most outstanding innovations at the fair.
To suit you and your company’s interests, we divide our tours into different themes:

  • Innovation for packaging and e-commerce logistics
  • Embottle, specific machinery and software for packaging and logistics
  • Automation and robotics for packaging and logistics
  • The latest in warehousing, intralogistics and logistics for your business.

Discover the products selected for the tours in 2021

We are already preparing new tours for October 2022!

Innovation for e-commerce packaging and logistics

24 November at 11:00h

Embottle, Packaging-specific materials, machinery and software.

24 November at 16:30h

Automation and robotics for packaging and logistics

25 November at 11:00h

RoboShuttle® Tote-to-Person Picking System


RoboShuttle® Tote-to-Person Picking System

Compared to the traditional warehouse conveyor system, the Geek + RoboShuttle™ tote-to-person picking solution has greater efficiency, flexibility and return on investment.

Warehousing, intralogistics and logistics

25 November at 16:30h

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