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Linerless: Sustainable Labelling Solution

“The concept of ecological sustainability has become increasingly important in recent years – also in label printing. Those who want to run a successful business must not neglect environmental protection. Otherwise, they will miss out on the sales opportunities that the circular economy offers for sustainability. TSC has recognised the changing times at an early stage and has included linerless technology in various printers to meet new market demands.” explains Angelo Sperlecchi, TSCs Sales Manager for Spain and the South West Europe.

Reducing material use and waste is one of the methods to achieve a more sustainable future. Linerless labels offer an economical and eco-friendly solution for labeling. By removing the liner, more labels can be printed per roll, reducing waste and contributing to a sustainable environment. Additionally, linerless labels require fewer raw materials, reducing the environmental impact. Eliminating liners reduces space needed and further reduces transport, warehousing, and material management costs.

Adopting linerless labels can bring a range of benefits to businesses, including increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved sustainability.

Lacking a backing paper, linerless labels can easily cause printer residue, especially with large daily printing volumes. And finding the right combination of a linerless printer and linerless label that function well together can be challenging. So how can industries strike a balance between environmental protection and productivity?

Linerless: Sustainable Labelling Solution

TSC innovates with its linerless solutions, exposing the labelling technology of the future. Using linerless technology, (labels without liner – the backing paper), TSC provides customers a sustainable printing solution, offering 40% more labels per roll, reduced costs by up to 50%, less waste handling and storage space need.

At Empack, TSC shows different models to fit various needs and applications: the new MB Industrial printers, the popular DA Desktop and innovative Alpha Mobile series. All these models include linerless option and TSC also provides linerless kits to upgrade existing printers for customers already equipped who want to get a sustainable solution. 

Label automation – Print & Apply

TSC introduces its new 4-inch PEX-2000 Print Engine, smaller, faster and greener to meet market demand for label automation while helping the environment. Designed to meet diverse print and apply applications for better sustainability, the 4-inch PEX-2000 features a patented ribbon saver, RFID encoding capability and 18 inches per second print speeds to support fast one-cycle performance.

RFID technology – High Speed Encoding

TSC displays the powerful T4000 RFID extending printing and encoding capabilities with high speed and quality labelling. The T4000 provides excellent flexibility, supporting both standard labels and tags, as well as ‘on-metal’ tags, making these printers ideal for high value asset tracking and inventory applications. With footprints from 4 to 6 inches and print resolutions of 203, 300 and 600 dpi, these printers excel in RFID encoding, streamlining operations and improve supply chain management.

ODV-2D – Barcode validation

With its award-winning T6000e printer, TSC offers top-of-the-line ODV-2D barcode verification technology on this 4-inch-wide model, producing 100% accurate barcodes, 100% of the time. The ODV-2D technology embedded in TSC Printers is one of the industry’s first affordable, fully integrated solution able to print, verify and validate 1D and 2D barcodes. Customers can use this technology to eliminate expensive compliance fees and returned shipments due to unreadable barcodes.

Compactness & Mobility for Business

TSC showcases its latest mobile printers Alpha-30R (Ribbon) and Alpha30L (Labels), which deliver 5 ips or 6 ips print speed and reliable wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 with NFC Tap-to-Pair (Apple-certified MFi) or Wi-Fi module for fast roaming. With the new Alpha-40L, TSC grants more capacities for mobile applications: RFID Technology for fast printing and coding of RFID tags and labels at anytime and anywhere and Direct-Transfert technology, the first embedded in a mobile printer for long lasting labels, introducing a real innovation on the market.

A special focus also on the desktop product line with the famous TE and TX series: these compact and affordable desktop printers bring customers quality, innovation, reliability and value in a small footprint. Equipped with an adjustable 3.5” colour LCD display, TX series are available in six models, offering 203, 300, and 600 dpi print resolution to meet a wide range of printing applications. In a most popular footprint, TE series help companies saving time and money with 300-metre ribbon capacity.

“Empack Madrid 2023 is the right place to be aware of the latest innovations in the market and experience new technologies. It will be a good opportunity for us to demonstrate the outstanding performances of our products and how customers can benefit from high-quality products together with cost effective solutions for a sustainable future.”, concludes Angelo Sperlecchi.

About TSC Printronix Auto ID

Printronix Auto ID is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative asset tracking and identification solutions, including mobile, desktop, industrial and enterprise-grade barcode label printers, RFID printers, barcode label inspection systems, print engines, and genuine supplies. With one of the industry’s most comprehensive selection of barcode label printers, TSC Printronix Auto ID provides solutions for transportation and logistics, retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, and automotive companies seeking world-class, innovative, and high-performance tracking and identification solutions. With over 7,3 million printers sold around the world, TSC Printronix Auto ID is committed to providing strong local sales engineering support, continuous investment in new product development, and quick solutions to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies.


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