The future of packaging technology

29 & 30 November 2023, Hall 5 | IFEMA, Madrid

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Empack Hall

The latest sectorial trends return to Empack Madrid. Experts from all areas of the sector will be speaking and discussing the latest trends in the packaging sector. Sustainability, palletising, Q&A, labelling, new legislations and much more.


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Confirmed sessions

Confirmed speakers

Conference Empack Madrid 2022

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Moderator: MªBelén García Fernandez

What will the packaging of the future look like?

10.20h – 11.50h
We remain the reference of the logistics and packaging community in Portugal, and we also bring news!
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Rocío Pastor
General Manager
Lorena Rodríguez
Packaging Group Leader
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marga romo
Marga Romo
Marketing Manager
blanca mentrida
Blanca Méntrida
Head of Corporate Innovation
Hinojosa Packaging Group
Miguel Aballe

Preguntas y respuestas clave sobre envase y economía circular

12.00h – 14:00h
Participate live or send us your question through this form. The world of Packaging is going through a time of conversion in which new concerns are emerging. Questions such as: What implications will the Royal Decree on packaging and packaging waste and the Law on waste and contaminated soils have on the industry, what are the current alternatives and perspectives in the use of multilayers, what key aspects must be taken into account in food safety and quality control of new materials, etc.? These are part of the agenda of manufacturers, packers, distribution and other agents in the value chain. To answer these and other questions, ITENE is organising a Q&A session on 24 November from 12:00 to 14:00 in collaboration with EMPACK, which will address the main doubts identified by its industry experts in their search for a balance between sustainability, safety and cost of packaging in the framework of the circular economy.
maria jorda
María Jordá
Head of the Additives and Raw Materials Unit
raul diaz
Raúl Díaz
Project Manager in the Packaging and Food Safety Unit
patricia navarro
Patricia Navarro
Head of the Packaging and Merchandise Distribution Systems Unit
paula torrijos
Paula Torrijos
Technical of the Packaging and Circular Economy Unit
carlos monerris
Carlos Monerris
Director of Technology Transfer and Market
In addition, the session will feature the testimony of companies that will explain first-hand their success stories in the launch of new sustainable packaging or the adaptation of existing ones to this new contex
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Innovating products with leave-no-trace packaging
Françoise de Valera
Cofundadora y CEO
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Optimising packaging for positive impact
Paulo Fernandes
Ingeniero de Calidad de Producto
Leroy Merlin
elisa rica
Título por confirmar
Elisa Rica Escudero
Procurement and Sustainability Manager
Grupo LVMH
Andrés Muñoz, Gerente Ketan Europa

The sustainable solution proposed by Ketan Europe

Andrés Muñoz, General Manager Ketan Europa 16.00h – 16.40h
Ketan Europe, together with HM Group, revolutionises the market with an eco-friendly labelling solution with reduced environmental impact. The new system offers all companies with industrial production and packaging a sustainable alternative with zero waste and maximum flexibility. At a time when plastic has become the biggest enemy of our planet, more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of developing sustainable processes. Ahead of the trends and regulations of the European Environmental Legislation, Ketan Europa, together with HM Group, propose this innovative initiative for the packaging world and give a qualitative leap in the market.
ketan europa

César Aliaga

Head of the Packaging and Circular Economy Unit - ITENE

María Jordá

Head of the Additives and Raw Materials Unit - ITENE

Patricia Navarro

Head of the Packaging and Merchandise Distribution Systems Unit - ITENE

Carlos Monerris

Technology Transfer and Market Manager - ITENE

How retail faces the challenge of packaging in the age of digitalisation

16.45h – 17.25h
Participa en directo o adelántanos tu pregunta a través de este formulario. El mundo del Packaging atraviesa un momento de conversión en el que afloran nuevas inquietudes. Preguntas como ¿Qué implicaciones tendrán el Real Decreto de envases y residuos de envase y la Ley de residuos y suelos contaminados en la industria?, ¿Cuáles son las alternativas actuales y perspectivas en el uso de multicapas?, ¿Qué aspectos clave hay que tener en cuenta en la seguridad alimentaria y control de calidad de los nuevos materiales?… Forman parte de la agenda de fabricantes, envasadores, distribución y demás agentes de su cadena de valor. Para resolver estas y otras cuestiones ITENE organiza el próximo 24 de noviembre de 12h00 a 14h00 en colaboración con EMPACK una sesión de preguntas y respuestas que abordarán las principales dudas identificadas por sus expertos en la industria en su búsqueda del equilibrio entre sostenibilidad, seguridad y coste de los envases y embalajes en el marco de la economía circular. Además, la sesión contará con el testimonio de empresas que explicarán de primera mano sus casos de éxito en el lanzamiento de nuevos envases sostenibles o la adaptación de los actuales a este nuevo contexto. Los asistentes podrán participar de forma activa durante la sesión o enviando su pregunta por adelantado a través de este formulario.

New trends in the label and carton packaging sector as alternatives to plastic.
Success stories and the experience of the QAIFEC label.

17.30h – 18.30h
The main trends at European and Spanish level in the cartonboard packaging and continuous label manufacturing industry and their projections to 2025 will be presented, taking into account the legislative trend towards the elimination of plastic materials and the latest innovations in both sectors through the experiences of Drimpak and Gráficas Varias, as well as examples and projections of new developments, including the recent launch of the QAIFEC Seal of Excellence, which allows a packaging buyer to work with security and confidence. Drimpak and Gráficas Varias as well as examples and projections of new developments including the recent launch of the QAIFEC Seal of Excellence which allows a packaging buyer to work with the security and confidence that their label manufacturer applies the 8 continuous improvement criteria set out in the benchmark: strategy and management, quality, regulatory aspects, environmental responsibility, risk management, human resources skills, knowledge techniques, automation and digitalisation.
jorge aspack
Jorge Hernandez
Asistente del Secretario General de ASPACK y Responsable del Proyecto QAIFEC
Alejandro García
General Manager
fernando garcia
Fernando García
General Manager
Gráficas Varias

25th November 2021

Disruption in the supply chain, risk management and Industry 4.0. New role of procurement functions

logo aerce
On 25th November, AERCE is organising this event where the new roles of Purchasing will be discussed, from the perspective of risk management and disruptions in the supply chain, caused by the current situation in terms of transport, lack of components, increase in raw material costs. In addition, it will be an opportunity to learn about some applications for the connected industry or industries 5.0. Translated with (free version)
10:20h Registration of Attendees and Accreditation 10:30h Opening of the event and welcome by Iván Martín Pérez, Director of UNE 15896 and ISO 20400 Sustainable Purchasing Standards at AERCE. 10:40h Industries 5.0, by Cesar Franco Ramos, Dean of the Association of Industrial Engineers of Madrid. 11:00h The management of the long tail, by Amazon Business. 11:20h Disruptions in the supply chain and risk management in the food industry, by Alejandro Palmarola, Head of Indirect Purchasing at Calidad Pascual. 11:40h How to mitigate risks through the approval and evaluation of suppliers, by Fernando del Campo, BD Manager at Achilles. 12:00h International payments. Risks associated with currency exchange by Raúl Sánchez, country manager Spain at Western Union Business Solutions. 12:20h Problems and solutions to the lack of components and increased costs of raw materials for an industrial company, by David Álvarez, Director of Materials at Talgo. 12:40h Closing of the event.

Why make our packaging sustainable?

Quique Benavent, Packaging Group , AIMPLAS
12.40h – 13.00h
Due to new legislative changes there is a need to work on making our packaging more sustainable. In this presentation we will briefly present the current legislative situation and propose successful strategies to align our packaging to the incoming legislation.
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