The future of packaging technology

26 & 27 October 2022 | IFEMA, Madrid

Thanks for being an exhibitor​

Welcome to Empack Madrid 2021. Please find below a useful guide to help you to take the advantage of the event. You will be able to manage your stand, use a diferents tools for getting leads and invite your clients to the event. Squeeze the experience to the fullest!

My Easyfairs

With My Easyfairs, you will be able to manage your full participation for this event. After book your stand, you received an email with your logging to “My Easyfairs”.

What does MyEasyfairs offer?

  • Update your exhibitor profile.
    Visitors will know more about your company.
  • Invite your clients.
    Share your personalized registration link and see who is registering through your invitations.
  • Prepare your stand.
    Manage additional orders and chet them, register your stand personnel and much more…
  • How was the event.
    Discover the impact of your participation at the event.

Marketing & PR campaign

Below there is a list of Marketing and PR tools available for you; we strongly advise you to take advantage of these tools and maximise your visibility before, during and after the event.

Empack Madrid 2022 offers you static and dinamic banners in diferents sizes. It will help you to promote the event.

Digital and printed invitations
Empack Madrid 2022 offers you a digital invitation with a your personalized code. You can forward it as many times as you want (unlimit use) to make sure all your contacts and special clients are informed about you participation at the show.
In addition, on request, we can provide printed invitations, also with your code and event information, so you can send by mail to your most demanding customers.

Empack Madrid 2022, a smart event

All visitors will receive a ‘Smart Badge’, which they will be able to use to touch the badge reader on your stand to receive information about your company. You will then be sent the details of the visitors who have scanned the reader!

If you are interested in getting the leads, it´s necessary to book GoLeads, GoPlus or Go Premium packages. With the GoVisibility pack, you will not have the leads but visitors will recieve an email with your company infomration.

In addition, Visit Connect App

Scan all visitors with whom you have a conversation and who are interested in your product. You will get the contact directly and can add notes and additional information.

Those with GoLeads, GoPlus and GoPremium will have access to use this app with as many devices as they want. GoVisibility do not have a licence to use the Visit Connect App, but can purchase one.


Beware of fake list sellers and similar scams!
Easyfairs would like to warn you to beware of bogus offers of data lists and other “services” that you may receive through spam emails.
If you receive such a communication, it is fraudulent and does not come from Easyfairs. Easyfairs never sells visitor data to third parties.
The data provided by these companies is in most cases inaccurate, incomplete, of poor quality or even false and/or has been collected or acquired in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Any use of the Easyfairs or EMPACK name by these companies is without our permission and is unlawful.
Please do not respond to such emails. Under no circumstances should you make any payments to the companies in these emails.
Please inform Easyfairs if you receive any such requests so that we can warn other exhibitors.