Envalora helps construction companies to comply with new packaging regulations

Royal Decree 1055/2022 on Packaging and Packaging Waste has triggered a series of new legal obligations for companies that use industrial and commercial packaging to transport and sell their goods on the Spanish market or that import or purchase packaged products within the EU.

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These companies must already be registered in MITECO’s Register of Producers, have made annual packaging declarations, and indicate the producer registration number on their invoices. However, from 2025 they will also have to start complying with what is known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and organise and finance the management of the waste generated from the industrial and commercial packaging they place on the Spanish market. Until now, this has been done by the end customer.

In response to the new regulations, and to guarantee correct compliance, Envalora has been created: a Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility for industrial and commercial packaging, of all types of materials (metal, plastics, wood, paper-cardboard, etc.), and for both single-use and reusable packaging.

Envalora assumes the RAP of the industrial and commercial packaging of its member companies and provides technical and legal advice for those legal obligations that can only be fulfilled individually. For this reason, more than 870 companies, including those in the construction sector, have already joined this SCRAP, making it the leading Collective System in the industrial sector.

The Business Plans for Prevention and Eco-design
In addition to the aforementioned obligations, some companies must also comply with the obligation to draw up Prevention and Ecodesign Business Plans. This obligation is set out in article 18

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