New barrier film based on cellulose nanocrystals for food packaging

Israel-based Melodea introduces two recyclable barrier coatings. MelOx™ is a high performance plant-based barrier coating that protects packaged products from oxygen and oil and grease transmission. VBcoat™ protects packaged products from water vapour and oil and grease transmission.

The company derives its raw material base from cellulose, which is an abundant biopolymer and which AIPIA (Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association) has championed as a potential basis for antimicrobial/antibacterial packaging films. The technology creates cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) that provide plant strength and can be used as a building block for improving existing materials and for the production of new environmentally friendly materials.

Melodea sources its barrier coating material for packaging entirely from plant-based materials. The coatings are recyclable.

The company applies patented technology to produce the materials, for example, from wood pulp from trees grown in industrial forests.

These water-based products can be applied as coatings to various substrates, including paper, cardboard, bioplastics and mono-plastics. The high barrier coatings can be adapted to a wide range of packaging formats including bags, lids and moulded pulp products such as trays and plates for short and long shelf life storage.

Melodea’s products have the required regulatory approvals and sustainability certificates and are completely non-toxic to people and the environment, as well as being PFAS-free.

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