Domino creates a new position: Group Environmental Impact Manager

Coding and marking specialist Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) has appointed Jessica Büttner as Group Environmental Impact Manager, a new position created as part of the company’s focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Büttner will work with senior management to manage responsibility for the life cycle assessment of Domino’s products, as well as the company’s strategies on different aspects of CSR policy.

Büttner’s appointment is an important step forward for Domino in its strategy to apply its expertise in industrial printing and reliable solutions to assist manufacturers worldwide in the sustainable use of resources and waste reduction. The duties of the position include implementing initiatives aimed at reducing and offsetting Domino’s impact on the environment, ensuring that the company strives for sustainable growth and contributing to a responsible society.

Commenting on his new role, Büttner said: “When I heard that new CSR positions were to be created in the company, I immediately knew I had to apply. I am passionate about CSR and the environment, and I am committed to leading initiatives that will enable us to achieve our goals. This is a fantastic opportunity in an organisation with strong values and a clear focus on helping manufacturers reduce their environmental footprint.

As part of his role, Büttner will analyse the role of Domino’s coding and marking technologies and identify opportunities to reduce and offset their environmental impact. This requires working with customers to ensure that they are aware of their sustainability goals, so that Domino can offer them reliable and responsible solutions designed to reduce waste and errors and promote efficiency.

Büttner’s appointment reinforces Domino’s commitment to developing products in a sustainable way, something the company has demonstrated in recent years by designing new industrial printing products that help manufacturers reduce their environmental footprint. One example of this is the Cx350i piezo inkjet printer, designed to ensure maximum code quality with minimal ink consumption, which operates exclusively with low-impact vegetable oil-based printing inks.

“We have a great team of experts committed to helping Domino and our customers improve production, sustainability and efficiency. I am excited and optimistic about what I can bring to Domino. Our industry is brimming with innovation, something Domino is a leader in; I am looking forward to seeing how we develop a sustainable future,” Büttner explained.

Büttner joined Domino’s laser division in 2013 as a strategic sales agent. He assumed responsibility for strategic purchasing in 2017 before heading up the supply chain management team in June 2019.

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