Valor is committed to sustainability with new packaging for its Cacaos Solubles range

In its ongoing commitment to society and the environment, Chocolates Valor, the undisputed leader in high percentages of cocoa, presents its new 100% recyclable packaging made almost entirely from cardboard, which will replace the current packaging of the brand’s entire range of soluble cocoas. This launch makes Chocolates Valor the first company to launch GreenCan packaging on the Spanish market.

The replacement of the packaging with this new, more sustainable packaging is in line with Valor’s ongoing commitment to offering more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The new packaging is 100% recyclable in the blue container and, most importantly, it has 0% plastic waste, i.e. it does not generate any plastic waste. In this way, Chocolates Valor contributes not only to reducing its environmental footprint, but also to improving the recyclability of its packaging.

“From the packaging point of view, our procedures include a thorough analysis of the degree of recyclability of our containers and packaging. Beyond compliance with the 2030 agenda, we strive every day to move towards more sustainable materials and reduce our environmental impact throughout our production process,” says Nuria López, Head of Sustainability. In this sense, the inclusion of the new packaging is an action that is aligned with the brand’s commitment to sustainability, which also includes other areas such as raw materials, through responsible sourcing, or the selection of local suppliers and products, energy efficiency or people.

This new packaging will replace the current ones used for Cacao Puro En Polvo Desgrasado, a highly versatile product ideal for confectionery, as well as the brand’s range of soluble cocoas. In this way, the 70% Soluble Cocoa and 100% Natural Pure Cocoa are not only an excellent option to start the day, but now also help to reduce our impact on the planet.

Chocolates Valor also presents an improved recipe for its 70% Soluble Cocoa, which maintains the same organoleptic profile and, at the same time, includes a greater chocolate flavour, sweeter and with more milky notes, making it more accessible to new consumers who want to make the leap to high percentages. On the other hand, 100% Natural Pure Cocoa is the perfect option for lovers of the most intense version of cocoa. With a very interesting nutritional table that stands out for its high protein and fibre content, it is ideal for mixing with both milk and your favourite vegetable drink and can be sweetened with honey, stevia or can even be taken unsweetened to enjoy all the intensity of Valor cocoa.

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