New habits: Economy and Sustainability in Harmony

The consumer is in full transformation, and there are various variables that impact their habits. In addition to local market issues, some trends are recorded at a global level, such as concern for sustainability and healthy consumption.

Asked about this, Mr. Jorge Comesaña, from the Scientific and Technological Park of the Faculty of Agronomy of the UBA (PCyT-FAUBA), which makes up the MITA System, stated that several simultaneous trends coexist in the world. Among them, these three stand out:

1) Existence of growing concern about the quality and safety of the foods consumed, accompanied by a more exhaustive search for options considered healthier or with nutritional benefits.

2) Existence of greater awareness and concern about the sustainability of production methods, whether in relation to the products consumed, their carbon footprint, the type of packaging materials used and their relationship with caring for the environment and the use of water, among others.

3) There are changes in the way people buy their food. These are reflected in an increase in online purchases and in greater localism in purchases. The effects of the crisis derived from the international context must be added, which have produced, practically throughout the world, an acceleration in inflation rates and an escalation in food prices.

A recent study carried out in Spain by the AINIA Barometer reveals that three out of four consumers have modified their consumption patterns and adopted strategies to face the crisis. These emerging trends exemplify how consumers are seeking to cope with the current situation and find more accessible and sustainable solutions.

According to the report, prices have become a primary concern for Spanish consumers. 76% of them claim to have increased their spending on food in the last year. Paying attention to offers and discounts, as well as reducing unnecessary expenses, have become common practices. Furthermore, according to AINIA, an increase of 10% has been observed in the number of consumers who consider they have spent more compared to the previous year.

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