Oatly replicates the European initiative in the United States by providing carbon footprint information on its packaging.

Oatly informa en su packaging sobre la huella de carbono
  • The labels provide information on the carbon footprint caused by the production and distribution of its products.
  • The Swedish plant-based dairy brand began doing the same in Europe in 2021.

Oatly Group, the Swedish company that manufactures and markets plant-based dairy products, has begun placing eco-labels on some of its products in the United States. The initiative, which Oatly already implemented in Europe in 2021, is a first in the US market for a major food brand.

The labels provide information on the carbon footprint of the manufacturing and distribution of the products and have initially been placed on the brand’s revamped yoghurt range, which it markets under the name Oatgurts. Oatly said the initiative is in line with its belief that consumer choice and education play a key role in shaping the food system of the future.

The labels that Oatly has begun to place on its products report the kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents generated by each kilogram of pre-packaged product. According to information published on the Oatly website, the company’s estimated carbon footprint takes into account both the production and distribution of the product and can provide data on the environmental impact of growing and harvesting (including on-farm energy consumption), transport of ingredients, processing, packaging and distribution.

The impact figures
The footprint of the yoghurt range…

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